Friday, 30 September 2011



"A guy and a girl can be just friends but at one point or another one of them will fall for the other,maybe temporarily,maybe at the wrong time,maybe too late or maybe,just maybe...forever."

Your Bdate describes you!

Your date describes you!
Dear friends there are an Italian horoscope given below. You can find a lot about you by just searching your own identity in Italian way.
What you have to do is to find your group with the help of your date of birth.
Date of Birth Group
01,06,11,16,21,26,31                 A1
02,07,12,17,22,27                                  B2
03,08,13,18,23,28                    C3
04,09,14,19,24,29                    D4 
05,10,15,20,25,30                    E5

Group A1
You consider love as the most beautiful thing and you love to fall in love, but a number of your group members think that the person they love is not sincere with them.
You love to be with your friends and you are always found to be a dutiful friend.
You can hardly control your patients, which is a very big drawback of your nature.
The Person who is ruling your mind & heart these days is perfect for you.

Group B2
Your dreams and ambitions are much important for you and you can do everything to fulfill your dreams. Love is much valuable in your life but you always search for someone perfect. You hardly trust someone.
Your friends are really important for you but normally you hide a lot from them.
You are a deep thinker you always study the negative view as well as positive.
You can lead a happy life with a person for whom you care a lot these days.

Group C3
You always prefer mantel decisions more then emotional ones due to this you don't have a limited number of friends. You consider life a very beautiful gift and you love to enjoy its colors. There are a number of peoples who are your ideals and you loved to spend a big part of your time with them. You are found to be a very sincere lover.
You have a perfect control on your emotions but sometimes your decisions really effect your beloveds.
The person who has just appeared in your mind and you has decided to forward this mail especially to him/her is your real and special friend.

Group D4
Your always have goals to achieve and you can do everything to fulfill the dreams of those who loves you.
You have a sketch of an ideal in your mind and you always search for that personality.
Your friends means a lot to you and you can do everything for the sake of your friend, you a normally found to be an emotional personality.
You have a very less control on your patients and due to this sometimes you over react. 
The one who sent you this mail & the one to whom you will send this mail first are your real friends.

Group E5
You are found to be a person who loves to love. You prefer emotional decision more then mantel decisions. You consider life just to enjoy; you are the one who is perfect to call FLURTIES.
You love to increase the list of your friends and beloveds.
You have a number of dreams but you never work hard to make your dreams come true which is the biggest drawback in your nature you take everything much lightly.
With in 7 days you will meet a person whom you have never met before that is the person ideal for you.

What does your favourite colour say about you?

What does your favourite colour say about you? Your preference of one colour over the other can easily express your personality and character traits. 
If your natural choice is the colour red, you are the outgoing type. You not only act on impulse, but you are prone to abrupt mood swings. You have a lot of compassion for fellow human beings and can be easily persuaded. Though you have an optimistic approach to life, you don't hesitate to grumble and complain as well. Your spontaneous nature is assertive, you freely voice your opinions. You have a strong sex drive and are likely to end up having extra-marital affairs, unless your strong sense of duty restrains you from indulging in wild fantasies.

The choice of this colour shows that you are basically good-natured and loyal. You are sociable but at the same time you tend to be swayed by the opinions of other people. You are a generous soul, sincere at heart. Your gestures are friendly, and inspired by goodwill. More often than not, you are overtaken by feelings of wanton elation.

If you have preference for yellow, it shows that you have a vivid imagination and lots of nervous energy. Your thoughts are clear and well organised. You do harbour a need to help the world, but you won't get the dirt under your fingernails doing that. Deep down you are a shy person and a loner; perhaps that's what makes you a reliable friend. You may not show it, but you would actually love to be respected and admired for your prudence.

Preference for the colour green shows that you are a dutiful citizen. You are not only aware but also sensitive to social customs, and bear a good name in your community. Your choice also indicates your honesty and straightforwardness. You have a normal sex drive and are very emotionally attached to your family. You have the potential to be an excellent teacher.

If your personal colour is blue, you are introspective and purposeful by nature. You hold conservative beliefs and under stressful conditions, prefer to withdraw into gentler surroundings. You seem to have a lot of control over your passions and desires, but are sensitive to the needs and feelings of others, nonetheless. You are a loyal friend and would prefer to lead a sober life.

If your choice is purple, then you are intelligent and quick-witted. You have a keen eye for detail, things which are normally overlooked by people. You are infuriated at the slightest provocation. You tend to be extremely effusive in your expressions of grief. You are a creative person and an egotist of sorts. You seem to possess a cultivated taste for the subtle in life, while recognizing the magnificent.

A personal choice of the colour brown implies that you are meticulous when it comes to work, thrifty when it comes to money, and adamant in your beliefs. You are a very reliable and composed person, not impulsive at all. You can rival a seasoned horse trader in your talent for striking the best bargain.

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

another ikan bakar jalan bellamy




sempena tanda ucap selamat kepada Alynn {nama ngada2 saya untuk dia}, kami decide untuk makan tengahari berlaukkan ikan bakar jalan bellamy {kedai no yang .3}..
time yusri kami makan kat kedai no. 1 sebab kedai no.3 close for hari raya...

tapi tapau and makan kat ofis je la...
so, kami beli 
4 ikan pari
3 ikan cencaru bakar
3 ikan talapia merah bakar
5 ekor sotong bakar yang best
sayur taugeh masak lemak putih
kerabu pegaga

kat ofis, Niza dah siap masak nasi =) yeay!!!
makan time..


day 1 hubby is away from me..


Lately xde mood nak menukilkan apa yang dirasa..banyak sangat rasa ni ha...paling syahdu sebab akan 'berpisah' dengan hubby selama 22 hari 21 malam...huwaaaaaaa..
tiap2 hari ingatkan hubby tentang barang2/keperluan nak pergi {wpun hati meronta xredha melepaskan dia}..
i just wanna my hubby know that i do love you with all my heart...

a night without you?i was crying till 3am..ALLAH!!!please help me..give me calm and peace in my heart, in my mind and my soul..may ALLAH pretend my Iman and my safety thru'out this time..ameeen..

actually, selama dah 9bulan, 2minggu & 3 hari bergelar suami-isteri ni, xpernah berpisah lama2..kalaupun, one of us outstation biasanya 3-4hari paling 22hari...yuckssss

tapi, ini salah satu requirement untuk pengesahan dalam, saya redha kan juga...
hurmmmm, hubby kena potong rambut {lebih tepat lagi botakkan rambut}..

nak tengok?????

pecah sikit resolution sebab saya print express then scan...

Thursday, 15 September 2011


 Tak payah cakap banyak, layan je gambar2 ni.....zasssssssss



jalan Bellamy...
Belakang Istana Negara...
xde lain dah, sure teringatkan ikar bakar

sebagai tanda ucap selamat kepada officemate AHMAD YUSRI yang ditukarkan {dia tak minta tukar pun} ke SDO, masik ICUnization lagi..

Permintaan tuan punya badan nak ke sana, so kami pun ke sana la..seramai 13 orang dengan 3 kereta..
ikan pari 3 ekor
ikan keli 2 ekor
ikan kembung 2 ekor
sotong 3 ekor
ikan terubuk 1 ekor
ikan cencaru 1 ekor
nasi 13 pinggan
lauk amik sikit2 je
air penuh meja hahaha

so, these are the evidence....

time dah lesap semua makanan dalam perut


yang diraikan & yang meraikan
me with my fav. air asam boi

yang bergelimpangan di atas meja
dah macam gi kenduri kawin
bos nak berucap
tanda mata daripada kami

Wednesday, 14 September 2011



p/s : jangan malas2 nak lari 2.4km k

orang kata kami ni BAWANG MERAH, BAWANG PUTIH..yang jahat tu I, yang baik tu Alynn

tetiba jiwang kat suami sendiri hehehe


Tuesday, 13 September 2011

wo ai ne

Lirik Tiga Kata – KRU

Wo ai ni
I love you
Aku cinta padamu
Tiga kata paling bermakna
Tapi jarangnya didengar
Naan unnai kathalikaraen
Tiga kata paling menyentuh
Tapi jarangnya disebut
Mungkinkah kerna kita dah terlalu selesa
Keintiman seolah semakin hambar
Dari gerak gaya
Hingga ke tutur kata
Tak menggambarkan cinta

Wo ai ni
I love you
Aku cinta padamu
Tiga kata paling bermakna
Tapi jarangnya didengar
Naan unnai kathalikaraen
Tiga kata paling menyentuh
Tapi jarangnya disebut
Katakan ci ci cinta
Ci ci cinta kamu
Katakan ci ci cinta
Ci ci cinta
Walaupun kita saling
Sayang satu sama lain
Tapi kenapa sukar meluahkan rasa
Berikan mereka tahu
Andainya hari esok
Ditakdirkan berpisah
Ulang Chorus
Dalam kesibukan
Kita seringkali mula hilang kemesraaan dengan mereka di sisi
Tak rasa bersyukur
Tak rasa berbangga mempunyai bahu sedia untuk kita bersandar
Pejamkan matamu
Lihatlah di hatimu semua kasih terhimpun dibiarkan terkurung
Jadi luahkan sekarang luahkan
Ulang Chorus
Katakan ci ci cinta
Ci ci cinta kamu
Katakan ci ci cinta
Ci ci cinta (Aku cinta padamu)
Wo ai ni
I love you

Friday, 9 September 2011


AHMAD YUSRI JAAPAR...selamat berjaya di tempat baru...

:: his last punch out at BSR {ala-ala KP nak bersara hehehe} ::
:: after this KUCHING, SDO SWK ::